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Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Meet Ella Lynnette Owner of Sew-Awesome

Ella started Sew-Awesome when she was 10 years old. She wanted to raise money to buy sewing equipment for girls in developing countries. Ella works with a non profit titled Sewing Seeds International, they’re dedicated to helping women and children in Sierra Leone, Ukraine, Peru, Mexico and in 20120 Guatemala. Sewing seeds offers sewing training programs as well as other children's programs in these and other developing nations. Ella donates 50% of her profits from Sew-Awesome to Sewing Seeds to help purchase sewing equipment for women in these countries. So far, she’s been able to donate $1,000 which is equivalent to 4 new sewing machines. Her goal is to raise $2,500 which would be equivalent to 10 sewing machines.

Ella created these cute “Emotion Drops”, a tool to develop emotional intelligence. She sales them for $10 on her website.

Lets her Ella reach her goal, her website link is listed below.

Keep up the good work Ella!!


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