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6th Grade CEO

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Kamaria Warren CEO of Brown Girls Stationery

"Not everyone will like what you're doing but you have to stay focused" -Kamaria

Let’s show some love to this 6 figure 6th grader!! Kamaria Warren designs school supplies for young girls of color. She came up with the idea while searching for a party theme with her mom for her 7th birthday party. While in the stores, she couldn't find any invitations or characters that looked like her.. Kamaria feels that with her designs, she is able to help all girls feel beautiful.Her designs are meant to empower brown girls to do and be whatever makes them happy. There isn’t one nationality that represents her brand because she wants to give all girls something they can identify with. Kamaria has also started an academy for inspiring kidpreneurs titled Mini CEO Academy; she educates other young kids about starting their own business. She has been featured in many magazines and shows including; Now this Her, WBTV, BBC, MSN, MoneyMag, Veu and more!!

Check out her online store by clicking on the link below!

Her online store offers backpacks, t-shirts, swimsuits, notebooks, notepads,bedspreads, blankets, shower curtains, umbrellas and party supplies.

Keep being great Kamaria, you are an inspiration to all of us!!

IG: @browngirlsstationery

Wanna be featured as a kidpreneur? Email us!!

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