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We encourage young ladies to be the author of their own story by fulfilling the american dream of starting your own business. We feel entrepreneurship is important because it gives not only financial freedom, but the freedom to be yourself, expand your vision, learn new strategies and grow as a brand. Entrepreneurship is tough. There will be moments where you will question yourself, or your decisions to try. Sometimes, you’d even think that you couldn’t do it when the obstacles seem unconquerable. We assure once you succeed and overcome the challenges, you gain a level of confidence like no other. 

The Girl Boss Entrepreneur Startup Program provides young ladies with the key tools to start and manage their own business lead by female entrepreneurs in Charlotte, NC. We assist with your business plan layout (executive summary, business operations plan, market analysis, products and services, sales and marketing, financial layout, etc.)  business registration, tax paperwork and website builder.

This program is currently available for girls ages 7-17

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